Akhia Andersson, 18 years old (right)- Bryanston, Johannesburg

18 years old Akhia Andersson, right, is an aspiring singer and actress. She was born one year into the new democratic South Africa to parents of different races, her father is white and her mother is black. During Apartheid their relationship would have been illegal. Akhia lives with her family in the Johannesburg suburb of Bryanston. In a few months she will be going to the United States to study performing arts.
“I have friends with lots of different colors. I don’t really see color. I forget that my boyfriend is white and only realise when we walk in the street. People stare a lot. I can see that we are different colors, but at the same time I don’t think those colors have any negativity or positivity. It’s so backwards, so retro for people to be so affected by race.”