In 1932 my great grandfather, Reverend A J Cook, bought a piece of land in Hogsback, a village high up in the forests of the Amatola Mountains in South Africa.
Cloaked in mist and magic, it has been thought of as sacred ground for many generations of people.
Before the bloody frontier wars, before settlers appropriated the land for holiday homes and pine plantations, before the apartheid Land Act, people would take their cattle up the mountain to graze, believing that it was in these ancient forests that their ancestors spirits resided.
Almost two decades after the fall of apartheid, the village is still a hauntingly beautiful but unsettled landscape struggling to come to terms with the ghosts of its past and the inequalities of the present.
This project explores the village now and searches for a glimpses of those spirits, including my own ancestors, who roam these ancient and haunted forests.